About Us

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          New Haven Care Center is a Community Owned, not for profit nursing home.  We offer Long Term Care, Assisted Living, Short Term Rehabilitation and Outpatient Rehabilitation services. 


          The New Haven Care Center began as an idea born and nurtured in the hearts of several New Haven Citizens. This idea, united with the dedication and commitment of many New Haven Citizens, resulting in the opening of the New Haven Care Center in June, 1983. The vision of that idea is now the mission of the facility- to provide high quality of life for the residents in the facility of which the community can be proud.

          It is through the Board of Directors, the Administration and the staff of New Haven Care Center to be responsible for the fulfillment of the mission through the setting of standards and managing of resources to maintain a level of service that ensures the fulfillment of the mission.

In keeping with this core belief, the staff and volunteers of New Haven Care Center support and commit to the following beliefs as a basis for decision-making and service provision:

  • We exist to respond to the health needs of individuals and families in our community to the fullest extent that human and material resources will allow.

  • We are called as advocate and provider to assist the materially poor and others in need of obtaining health services.

  • We recognize that every person is created in God's image and enjoys special dignity and equal worth.

  • We reflect the excellence of professional standards and sound business practice and evidence personalized care and warm hospitality in the quality of services.

  • We promote networking among care providers with a similar mission and pursue this in ways that will strengthen our collective services.

Head of Departments

Board of Directors

Larry Scheer, President

Warren Bauche, Vice President

Mark Zobrist, Secretary

Gary Kuhn

Tom Anderson


Medical Director

Dr. Allen, MD 


Dorothy Sharpe, RN

Administrative Assistant

Lori King

Director of Nursing

Angie Bauche, RN

Social Services

Theresa Isaak, RN

Activities Director

Emily Burkett

Environmental Services

Niccole Vollertsen

Dietary Supervisor

Lisa Ennis

MDS Coordinator

Stephanie Rosendahl

Human Resources

Vickie Dierking